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Safeguarding, Protecting Young People & Duty Of Care

Panthers Netball Club is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and positive environment for all it's young members. We accept a responsibility to help safeguard the welfare of young people, and protect them from harm. We go to every length to ensure our Duty Of Care is fulfilled, and do everything that can be reasonably expected to help safeguard and protect young people from any reasonable foreseeable harm.

This page details all club policies on Safeguarding, Protecting Young People, and our Duty Of Care.
Please note that ALL club members, volunteers, officials, coaches, parents, carers and guests are asked to read and familiarise themselves with this section.

Please click here for a detailed Role Description
Please click here to view our "Be Safe" poster

Please click here to view England Netball's "Safeguarding" Section. Here you will find essential documents adhered to by PSL Panthers NC as follows:
England Netball Safeguarding & Protecting Young People In Netball Policy
England Netball Good Practice Guide (Entire Version)
"Be Safe" Good Practice Guide

Please click here to view the signed Panthers Safeguarding Checklist, confirming that the club is compliant with the relevant requirements in section 4.3 of England Netball's Safeguarding & Protecting Young People In Netball Policy


All club members, coaches, officials, volunteers, parents, carers and guests are required to read, print and sign the appropriate form below, and return to the Club Secretary as soon as possible. Our current Club Secretary is Vicky Cain.

Code Of Conduct - General Club
Code Of Conduct - Adult Players
Code Of Conduct - Junior Players
Code Of Conduct - Coaches, Officials & Volunteers
Code Of Conduct - Parents & Carers


Full First Aid kits are present and available for use in all team kit bags. These are also held by the Club Safeguarding Officer (Karen Haines), and the Designated First Aider (Karen Haines). The Club Secretary must hold a completed Club Membership form for every club member, detailing emergency contacts. This information is held in a central file and is accessible by all committee members.

Please click here to view the club's Incident/Accident Procedure
Please click here to view the club's Incident/Accident form
Please click here (Page 1) and here (Page 2) to view The Grange School's Emergency procedure